The School of Badassery is about....


Badass in how we feel.

 Badass in how we act.

 Badass in how we look.

Badass in how we live.

Hi! I'm Wendy Doris, aka @flippinwendy on Instagram. The School of Badassery was born last year when I turned 40 and I felt like a million bucks. I tackled every part of my life from work, home life, my wardrobe, my hair style, my home, my brain...everything. I was kicking ass and taking names. I am normally a person that takes life by the horns, but last year was different.



People started to noticed.

I casually mentioned as a joke on social media that someone should open a School of Badassery. I imagined it would be a place where people could go to help them feel badass. It would be like a total makeover, inside and out. There would be all sorts of "teachers" there to help mold a person into the badass they've always wanted to be. Not only BE a badass, but actually FEEL badass. My friends and followers agreed this was a fabulous idea, but that I should do it. So I did. Badasses do cool shit.

The School of Badassery was born.

Put some badass quotes in here or something like that